Festival Banner (the Arts Festival blog)

CentreGives_with_project_of_CF_lockup_2c_HEXIf you are connected to Centre County in some way, it is hard to miss the lead up to the online giving event Centre Gives each spring. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find postcards, emails, news stories, signs, and social media posts to tempt you to give.  So what’s all the buzz about?

Now in its fifth year, Centre Gives is a 36-hour online giving event presented by the Centre Foundation. It was created to shine a community-wide spotlight on the good work that so many local non-profits do in our community and help them learn online fundraising strategies to support their long-term success.

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is pleased to join 123 other organizations participating in Centre Gives this year as we work to inspire our supporters and others to make a meaningful impact on our community through philanthropy.

Charitable giving helps us each summer and winter with the productions of the Arts Festival in July and First Night State College in December.

The Arts Festival is a nationally-recognized event that attracts more than 125,000 people to downtown State College and Penn State’s University Park campus, bringing not only life and energy to our community but also more than $14 million in economic impact to our local businesses. It wouldn’t be summer in State College without the Arts Festival!

Many local families feel the same way about First Night. Although smaller than the Arts Festival, it has become a tradition not-to-be-missed by many who say goodbye to the past and welcome the future full of hope, new resolutions, and fun.

I hope you will make an online donation this year to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts during the 36 hours of Centre Gives, next week from 6 am on May 3 through 6 pm on May 4. When you give to the Festival through Centre Gives, your donation stretches further than you thought possible.  Through Centre Gives, the Arts Festival competes for a share of the $100,000 in matching money offered by the Centre Foundation and prizes given by the Foundation throughout the event. Last year, each dollar that our donors gave brought in another 20 cents to make the Arts Festival and First Night even better!

If you’d like to help win a special $1,000 prize for the Festival, set your alarms now to make your online donation between 7 and 8 pm on Tuesday, May 3, and encourage your friends to do the same.  If we have the highest number of unique donors in that hour, you’ll have helped us win an extra $1,000 to invest in an awesome Arts Festival experience.

We can also win another extra $1,000 prize if we end up in the top 5 among the larger organizations.  So rally as many folks as you can on Facebook and Twitter and encourage them to give too. Be a part of the buzz!

As the Arts Festival celebrates its 50th birthday this year, look back on all of the wonderful Arts Festival experiences that you’ve had over the years and commit to making more of those memories possible for the next generation of Festival-goers in our midst.  Thank you for your generous support!