Street Painting

We’ve been fortunate to have Holly Foy as the intrepid coordinator of our Street Painting exhibition since 2001. Creative, resourceful, and good-humored, she brings together an immensely talented group of street painters. In 2020, rather than inviting our crew to create artwork on the State College streets with hundreds of supportive fans passing each hour to encourage them, she asked the street painters to work from their own homes.

Eleven artists answered the call. Eight are from central Pennsylvania, one is from the Philadelphia area, one is from Pittsburgh, and one is working in Canada! Several created their images around their work-from-home schedules, one drew while juggling parenting of her toddler – and most had to dodge the rain with tarps, towels, plywood and creative ingenuity to preserve their images! Two artists invited neighborhood kids and relatives to draw smaller images of their own, some had family and neighbors cheering them on, and one drew while caring for a parent who had experienced a surgery the day before!

We think you’ll agree that all that work was worth it!

Holly Foy, Street Painter

Check Out These Masterpieces from the summer of 2020! (click the magnifying glass for a full screen view).  An image from this summer is coming soon!

Meet Graham Curtis

Graham began street painting for the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts at its inaugural street painting exhibition in 1999. He’s been a featured street painter each year since. A sign painter by trade, Graham has also created street paintings at festivals in California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and New York.

Meet Abby Cramer

Abby Cramer is an art teacher at Pennsbury High School in Bucks County, PA where she teaches Art, Photography, and AP Art History. Abby has been participating in the CPFA Street Painting Festival since its inception in 1999, missing one year, in 2005, when she was studying art in Italy. Abby became a featured artist in 2006. Although she will miss the festival atmosphere this year, she is excited to share her work with her local community and the rest of the festival goers, virtually.

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