Celebrations Circle

Funding Now, and Funding Later – a Legacy Matching Grant Campaign

To both honor Richard W. Bryant, the Arts Festival’s Executive Director from 2005 through 2023, and to welcome a new era of leadership under our new Executive Director, Pamela Snyder Etters, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is excited to announce the launch of a new Legacy Matching Grant Campaign focused on the long-term sustainability of the organization and its ability to produce the Arts Festival and First Night State College for the community year-after-year. 

Renata Engel, the Arts Festival’s immediate-past Board President, and her husband Leland, have pledged a gift of $10,000 to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts to be used in a matching grant challenge—with a twist. 

Their generous match will be used to encourage people to join our Celebrations Circle, whose members have committed to a bequest to the Arts Festival in the future.

Renata is grateful to give a gift that will amplify such a meaningful collective impact. 

“Coming out of our pandemic years, I have powerful memories of the joy-filled Thursday night of the 2022 Arts Festival last year.

As Leland and I sat on Old Main lawn, listening to—actually mesmerized by—the beautiful music of Eric Ian Farmer and his fellow musicians, we watched children dancing with wild abandon, people across generations relaxing and just enjoying being together.  I turned to Leland and said with a sigh, ‘this is what it’s supposed to feel like.’

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts is many things, but to know that we are contributing to something that ensures its presence for every generation that follows means that we are contributing to a legacy of joy-filled nights of beautiful music and streets filled with visually compelling, captivating, inspirational, and whimsical art.” 

If you love the Arts Festival and have a passion for creating a community-wide arts ecosystem with our nationally-acclaimed Festival at its heart, please consider joining our Celebrations Circle and taking advantage of the Engels’ match.  

Consider the possibility of giving in a different way—through a bequest in your estate plan

With a single gift, you can help us do what we do today even better tomorrow. 

You will belong to the Celebrations Circle and give us the opportunity to say thank you now while you can most appreciate it! 

You’ll join our other Celebrations Circle members—Blake and Linda Gall, Anne Layng, Mimi Barash Coppersmith, Rick Bryant, and Carol Baney—in making a transformational impact that will live on and on. 

Are you ready to learn more? Open the Celebrations Circle commitment form

Please let us know if you have already arranged in your estate planning for a gift to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. 

And if you haven’t, please consider what the Arts Festival means to you when you are updating your Will or other estate planning documents.  If you would like more information about bequest giving, please feel free to contact our Director of Development, Jennifer Shuey at (814) 237-3682 or jshuey@arts-festival.com.  

Return the form to us when it is complete to release a portion of Renata and Leland’s match to the Arts Festival now, in addition to committing your legacy gift for later.

There is no requirement to disclose the value of your planned gift.  If the value is not disclosed, $500 will be released from the match.  If you decide to tell us the value of the planned gift, 10% of that value will be released. 

With a bequest to the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts through your Will or other estate plans, you can ensure that the Arts Festival continues to evolve and grow, building on the past and securing the future for our next fifty years and beyond. 

“With a single gift, you can help us do what we do today even better tomorrow.”