Your Donation Will Help So Much!

Over the past 55 years, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has become one of the top-ranked juried art fairs in the country, the highlight of the State College summer, one of the biggest non-football alumni weekends for Penn Staters, the summer’s economic anchor for downtown businesses, and the place to be for art, music, and fun the week after Independence Day. For many of the 125,000+ visitors each year, the Arts Festival is an enduring tradition, experienced with friends and family, and not to be missed. 

As a not-for-profit community service organization, the Arts Festival depends on business sponsorship, community philanthropy, and individual donors to pay for a sizeable portion of the event’s budget.  There are no general admission fees—in fact festival-goers can easily enjoy almost everything there is to see and do without spending a dime, if they choose.  They are not obligated to pay anything to offset the cost of the Festival.

They do spend money in other ways.  And the local bars, restaurants, hotels, and businesses are quite thankful.  So are the hundreds of juried artists who come to show and to sell. 

Some of the businesses who reap the financial rewards from the Festival’s efforts happily give back as sponsors, investing a bit of their earnings into the production of the event that brings their customers to town. 

However, the Arts Festival also heavily relies on donations from festival-goers who enjoy and appreciate their experience.

If you value your Arts Festival memories and experiences, and look forward to even more when it is safe to do so, please give back.  If the Arts Festival holds a special place in your heart, please give back.

How much is the Arts Festival experience worth to you?  How much would you miss it if it didn’t come back?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives in big and small ways.  For us, it forced the switch to a virtual Arts Festival in 2020.  The virtual experience was a success in several ways, but it did not bring in enough revenue for the Festival to cover its costs.  We don’t know quite yet, but the same thing may happen in 2021. 

Financially, we made it through 2020, drawing on special grant opportunities, the increased generosity of our donors, and some of the reserve funds set aside for this kind of emergency.  If we are not able to have a Festival in 2021, we are that much closer to the edge. 

Staff are preparing for cut-backs and furloughs in 2021, and the Board has their sights focused on sustaining the organization and its institutional knowledge until we can once again harness the full power of the Arts Festival.  With a live event, the Arts Festival attracts tourism, stimulates the local economy, supports talented visual and performing artist-entrepreneurs, and yes, stabilizes—and in time will grow—the Festival’s own resources to make all of this happen for the good of the entire community. 

Until then, we are at the community’s mercy and will depend on its generosity.  Will you step up to help the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts survive these difficult times and one day thrive again? 

Think about what the Arts Festival means to you, and then give as generously as you are able.  We thank you, and this community thanks you.

Donate using your major credit card or PayPal account

Or you can mail your gift to:

Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts
403 S. Allen Street, Suite 205A
P.O. Box 1023
State College, PA 16804

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Join the Celebrations Circle by including the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in your will or other estate plans.

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If you have a question about making any type of donation, please give Jennifer Shuey, Director of Development, a call at 814-237-3682. You can also complete the form here and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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