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Jennifer ShueyWe’re delighted to welcome a new Director of Development to the Festival staff, Jennifer Shuey. Jennifer succeeds Diane Bloom who has retired (again) to devote more time to her family and managing her fantasy football team. In addition to serving as Director of Development, Diane was our unofficial staff photographer, so if you see us start to post lots of shots that are kind of out of focus and look as if there’s an end of a finger covering part of the lens, well, it’s not because we’ve suddenly gone all artistic on you. It’s because none of us are the photographer that Diane is.

Jennifer joined the Festival staff just prior to Centre Gives, the Centre Foundation’s online giving extravaganza. There’s nothing like a baptism under fire when it comes to a new job!

Prior to joining the Festival staff, Jennifer served for almost 15 years as the Executive Director of ClearWater Conservancy, a well-respected land trust and natural resource conservation organization in central Pennsylvania.

Jennifer grew up in the small village of Hublersburg near Bellefonte, in the eastern end of Centre County. She attended public schools in Bellefonte and earned a B.S. of Landscape Architecture from Penn State.

Jennifer Shuey Receives AwardPenn State’s Stuckeman School recently honored Jennifer for her work at ClearWater Conservancy with the school’s 2015 Landscape Architecture Alumni Appreciation Award. Faculty members Eliza Pennypacker, Dan Jones, Kelleann Foster  joined her in mugging for the camera.

As you might expect of a Festival staffer, Jennifer also has an artistic side. She’s a pastel artist whose work focuses mainly on landscapes of central Pennsylvania. She’s a Signature Member of the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society, the Secretary and Centre County Farmland Trust Liaison of the Farmland Preservation Artists of Central Pennsylvania, and a member of the Artists Registry of the Bellefonte Art Museum. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania—following in my footsteps no doubt.

Jen remains committed to conservation and the teaching of new generations of community leaders who are connected to nature. She serves as the Chair of the local Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Advisory Committee.

Jen lives with her high school sweetheart husband Chris in Pleasant Gap, where they are just about ready to bring two new kittens into their lives. Interestingly enough, Diane Bloom was married to her high school sweetheart, too. There must be some interesting karma emanating from that office that’s clearly missing from Carol’s and my offices.

As CPFA’s first staff “newbie” in quite a while, Jennifer is looking forward to meeting the artists, performers, volunteers, food vendors, and, of course, our audience. She’s heard stories for a couple of weeks—some of which were even true—and she still comes to the office. So that’s a good thing! I know you’ll enjoy working with her in her new gig. If you’ve got a story to tell, give her a call and say hello!