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Beta Theta PiEach year the Sidewalk Sale weaves through the streets of State College and the Penn State campus – mingling with homes, businesses, campus buildings…and fraternities.

One fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, 220 N. Burrowes Road, is making strides to connect with the community in a positive way.

This summer, the brothers of Beta Theta Pi are inviting artists exhibiting on Burrowes Road to a picnic, in a gesture of outreach and community support. The picnic, scheduled for Saturday, July 10, allows artists a much-needed break from Sidewalk Sale and a little nourishment to keep going for the rest of the evening.

Attendees will not only be treated to yummy food but also music and the opportunity to see the newly renovated fraternity house (which truly looks amazing).

In addition to the artist outreach picnic, Beta brothers will be volunteering for the trash and water crews – two essential roles during Festival time.

Arts Festival Board member Adam Duff, a former Beta Theta Pi brother, and Jeff Rundle, Beta’s Reestablishment Director, talk about this event and other community and campus outreach events in a short video.