Festival Food

You can’t have a Festival without food, right? Especially the kind of food you almost never eat, except at outdoor events like ours. Fresh-squeezed lemonade, sno-cones – so refreshing! And how about homemade strudel, ice cream from The Creamery, and kettle corn? Yum! They’re great treats after a lunch or dinner of crab cakes, smoked turkey legs, chicken lo mein, a corn dog or a salad. There will be something to whet most any appetite and satisfy most any hankering.

Check our list of food vendors and menus below (all of them will be featuring Roaring Spring Premium Spring Water). In addition to vendors in the Borough, don’t forget to visit The Creamery on Penn State’s campus! We’ll also have a number of artisanal food vendors, which are also listed below.

Food Vendors by Location

Allen and Calder Way
Heidi’s Strudel (Conneaut Lake, PA): Apricot, apple, cherry, cheese, almond, strudels and fresh squeezed lemonade

Allen and Highland
Chan’s Golden Gate (Pittsburgh, PA): Egg rolls, chicken on a stick with rice or lo mein, vegetable rice & lo mein, shrimp fried rice, chicken fried rice, gyros, Greek salad, sausage sandwich, corn dog, fries, fresh squeezed lemonade

Allen and Foster
To be determined

Allen and Nittany
Nick the Greek (Pittsburgh, PA): Coconut Shrimp on a stick, gyros, Mediterranean salad, Philly cheese steak, fresh squeezed lemonade

Heeter’s Ice Cream Truck (Danville, PA) Soft-serve, frozen treats

Sidney Friedman Park
To be determined

Hanson’s Kettle Korn (Sarver, PA): Kettle popcorn and shaved ice

Artisanal Food

Take home a taste of Pennsylvania! With some of the richest farmland in the country, Pennsylvania produces some of the best food and agricultural products in the world.

Buying local is not just a trend or fad, it’s become a way of life for many. When Pennsylvania residents or visitors purchase products grown or processed here, they’re directly supporting the Commonwealth’s economy.  Agriculture is Pennsylvania’s leading industry with more than 63,000 farm families and 7.65 million acres of farmland generating $5.7 billion in cash receipts. Translated into an agricultural metaphor, that ain’t hay.

This year, the Arts Festival allows you to take home a bit of Pennsylvania agriculture with selected Pennsylvania artisanal food products. Five Pennsylvania artisanal food producers will be selling their products at the intersection of Foster Avenue and South Allen Street. Hours of the artisanal food area will be the same as those for the Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. July 14-16, 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., July 17. Participating artisanal food merchants include:

Bellefonte, PA
(814) 353-3330

Bevvy’s Gourmet
Harrisburg, PA
(717) 557-1900

Razz’s Shagbark Hickory Syrup
Hazle Township, PA
(570) 455-9929

Red Hawk Premium Peppers
Reedsville, PA
(717) 667-3891

Tait Farm Foods
Centre Hall, PA
(814) 466-2386

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