Arts Festival Poster

The 2015 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts poster, designed by Lanny Sommese.

Arts festivals across the country often advertise themselves with collectible posters. Some festivals hire an advertising agency to design their poster. Others commission the prior year’s Best of Show winner to do an illustration for their poster. The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts does things a bit differently.

Our posters are unusual in that they’re the work of one man. For more than 30 years Penn State Professor of Visual Arts, Lanny Sommese, has designed the Festival’s poster.

In addition to the poster, Sommese, working with his students, is responsible for the prospectuses announcing the Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition, our gallery show, Images, and our annual Banner Competition. The design of these brochures is visually related to the poster design.

Lanny Sommese took undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida and received his MFA Degree at the University of Illinois. He is currently Department Head and Professor of Graphic Design in the School of Visual Arts at Penn State, where he is also a Fellow of the Institute for Arts and Humanistic Studies. In addition to many other professional honors, he was recently selected to join the Alliance Graphique Internationale, an elite international group of graphic designers based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Vintage Arts Festival posters from previous years are available for purchase while supplies last.

Posters are printed on heavy stock and are 24” wide by 36” high.
Posters are $10.00 each, plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.