Let It Snow Community Art Project

Snow and ice go together like salt and pepper. First Night State College is known for its beautiful displays of carved ice. Tons of it. Each sculpture allows us to look at something ordinary and see its inner beauty revealed. The artistry of the carvers is amazing and makes the perfect backdrop for photos.

Snow might even be more beautiful – and fun to play with – than ice. From a walk to class to throwing a snowball or riding a toboggan down a hillside, snow brings out the inner kid in all of us.

Since First Night State College can’t happen this year, and we won’t have a menagerie of ice sculptures to enjoy downtown, we wanted to find a community-wide craft project that could bring us all together in spirit, if not in person.

Like ice, snow is fleeting. Especially here in central Pennsylvania. So how can we capture the winter essence of ice and snow to enjoy throughout the holiday season? Paper snowflakes!

For our December to Remember community craft project, we’d like you to make and send us your paper snowflakes. One of the best things about snowflakes is that each one is unique. Just like us.

We’ll create a hanging sculpture from them in the atrium of the State College Municipal building. The variety of snowflakes will reflect our diversity.

You Can Do It! Here’s How…

Paper snowflakes are easy to make. You might have learned in elementary school, and if you didn’t, now’s the time. You just fold a piece of paper, cut parts of it away, unfold it, and reveal its unique inner beauty in the form of a snowflake. You are the artist!

If you’re unsure, there are lots of instructions online, including YouTube videos that will walk you through the process… like these:

For our project, please follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Your snowflake should be no larger than 8.5” in diameter. That’s the width of a letter-sized sheet of paper. Your snowflake should be no smaller than 5” in diameter.
  2. Use paper. Please don’t use cardboard, plastic, foil, light tissue, or other materials. Just regular paper.
  3. Think outside the snow drift. The paper doesn’t have to be plain or white. Show us some colors and patterns.
  4. If you like, decorate your snowflake with crayon, pencil, or paint. Just DON’T USE GLITTER! Undecorated is cool, too. Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor for a reason.
  5. You can write your name on your snowflakes if you want – or a short holiday message, if that’s your thing. But you don’t have to. You get to decide.
  6. Make one or make a whole bunch. It’s a great project for your class, scout group, family, or a group of friends.
  7. Mail your snowflakes to us at CPFA, PO Box 1023, State College, PA 16804 no later than December 11. Look for the completed snowflake sculpture later in December in the State College Municipal Building atrium.

If you do social media, we’d love to see a photo of you with the snowflakes you created! We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #DecemberToRemember.

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