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Images 2017 Gallery

Images Exhibition Gallery

The Images 2017 exhibition hung in Schlow Centre Region Library from July 1 – 31, 2017. The Library is on the corner of Beaver Avenue and South Allen Street in downtown State College.  Allen Street is the “main street” of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts.

The annual Images exhibition is open to artists whose primary residence is in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The works in Images 2017 were selected by juror Kathryn E. Blake. 

Prize winners were announced at the Awards Reception on Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 pm at the Schlow Centre Region Library. Members of the public also voted for a “Viewers’ Choice” which was announced at the close of the show. 

Click on any image in the gallery below to enlarge it. 

Needles, R. Thomas Berner

R. Thomas Berner
Bellefonte, PA
13″ x 19″

Pennsylvania Cornfields, Nancy Burch Brassington

Pennsylvania Cornfields
Nancy Burch Brassington
Bellefonte, PA
oil on canvas
48″ x 36″

Contemporary Landscape, Chenlin Cai

Contemporary Landscape
Chenlin Cai
Oreland, PA
digital collage using x-rays
36″ x 14″

The Carnegie and The Cathedral, Lisa Cirincione

The Carnegie and The Cathedral
Lisa Cirincione
State College, PA
11″ x 14″

Old Bedford Village, Heather Davis

Old Bedford Village
Heather Davis
East Fallowfield, PA
oil on canvas
18″ x 24″

Untitled, Leanna Derstein

Leanna Derstein
Lewistown, PA
18″ x 24″

Black and Blue, Karen Deutsch

Black and Blue
Karen Deutsch
State College, PA
10″ x 8″

Early Morning, Mark Farmer

Early Morning
Mark Farmer
State College, PA
digital print on aluminum
16″ x 24″

Orchid, Lori Fisher

Lori Fisher
Bellefonte, PA
oil on canvas
12″ x 12″

Lord of the Fleas, Chuck Fong

Lord of the Fleas
Chuck Fong
State College, PA
18″ x 12″

Echoes, Dotty Ford

Dotty Ford
State College, PA
mixed media collage/assemblage
15″ x 12″

Flight, Dotty Ford

Dotty Ford
State College, PA
20″ x 16″

A Moment's Peace, Melanie Franz

A Moment’s Peace
Melanie Franz
Chester Springs, PA
digitally-manipulated photographs
16″ x 20″

Amaryllis with Juan Gris, Marianne Fyda

Amaryllis with Juan Gris
Marianne Fyda
Troutville, PA
13″ x 17.5″

Still life on black and white, Deena Greenberg

Still life on black and white
Deena Greenberg
Brookville, PA
16″ x 20″

View from Heckman Cemetery, Elody Gyekis

View from Heckman Cemetery
Elody Gyekis
Spring Mills, PA
acrylic on canvas
36″ x 24″
$500 – SOLD

Down Cast, Linda Hale

Down Cast
Linda Hale
Port Matilda, PA
22″ x 18″

Denver Airport, Janice Heverly

Denver Airport
Janice Heverly
Howard, PA
21″ x 27″

Deer in the Fog, Rebecca Kennedy

Deer in the Fog
Rebecca Kennedy
State College, PA
11″ x 15″

Hot Spring at Yellowstone National Park, Cinda Kostyak

Hot Spring at Yellowstone National Park
Cinda Kostyak
State College, PA
20″ x 28″

The Edge, Evgeny Krayushkin (ZheKa)

The Edge
Evgeny Krayushkin (ZheKa)
Calvin, PA
carved wood, acrylic latex
36″ x 14″

Inside the Grand Mosque, Norris Lacy

Inside the Grand Mosque
Norris Lacy
State College, PA
30″ x 24″

Why do you ask?, Susan McCartney

Why do you ask?
Susan McCartney
State College, PA
22″ x 18″

Long Lane Vista, Jeanne McKinney

Long Lane Vista
Jeanne McKinney
State College, PA
12″ x 18″

Wearing Middle Age, Thomas Mickle

Wearing Middle Age
Tom Mickle
Tyrone, PA
acrylic on paper
15″ x 11″

Driftwood Beach 1, Thomas Norulak

Driftwood Beach 1
Thomas Norulak
Pittsburgh, PA
hand printed etching
8″ x 10″

Awake, Jennifer Paris

Jennifer Paris
Hatfield, PA
photograph on metallic paper
10″ x 10″

From Smilno to Smock, #3, Diane Paroda

From Smilno to Smock, #3
Diane Paroda
State College, PA
mixed media collage
20″ x 20″

Begetter, Gloria Plosky Scaltz

Gloria Plosky Scaltz
State College, PA
mixed media
18″ x 18″

Opening Day, Sienna Proetto

Opening Day
Sienna Proetto
Newtown Square, PA
oil on masonite
36″ x 24″

Deepness Of The Sky, Aina Roman

Deepness Of The Sky
Aina Roman
North Wales, PA
10″ x 10″

Air Force Memorial, Pamela J Salokangas

Air Force Memorial
Pamela J Salokangas
State College, PA
18″ x 12″

A Shot in the Dark, Joshua Schnalke

A Shot in the Dark
Joshua Schnalke
Philadelphia, PA
14″ x 12″
$150 – SOLD

Octopus, Maggie Scotilla

Maggie Scotilla
State College, PA
pen and ink
7.5″ x 7.5″
$100 – SOLD

Giving It Serious Consideration, Wendy Snetsinger

Giving It Serious Consideration
Wendy Snetsinger
State College, PA
oil on canvas
16″ x 20″

Vapor, Drew Spielvogel

Drew Spielvogel
State College, PA
charcoal on paper
26″ x 20″

Looking Up the Down Staircase, William Sweeney

Looking Up the Down Staircase
William Sweeney
Garnet Valley, PA
24″ x 15″

Kora-Ju 17, Will Wadlington

Kora-Ju 17
Will Wadlington
Warriors Mark, PA
collaged paper on panel
10″ x 12″

Narrows #1, Bruce Wallace

Narrows #1
Bruce Wallace
Lock Haven, PA
9″ x 12″

In The Pink-4, Adrienne Waterston

In The Pink-4
Adrienne Waterston
State College, PA
silkscreen on paper
30″ x 22″

When Worlds Collide, Morgan Weissbach

When Worlds Collide
Morgan Weissbach
Saylorsburg, PA
pen and ink
18″ x 24″

Deck's Hardware, Ambler PA, John Westcott

Deck’s Hardware, Ambler PA
John Westcott
Ambler, PA
6.5″ x 9.5″

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts awarded $1,800 in prizes at Images 2017, chosen by our juror, Kathryn E. Blake.  Award winners were announced at a public Awards Reception during the Arts Festival. 

Best in Show:  sponsored by Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania

Gloria Plosky Scaltz, Begetter

William D. Davis Award in Drawing:  sponsored by the Sturtz-Davis Family

Drew Spielvogel, Vapor

Best Pastel:  sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society

Jeanne McKinney, Long Lane Vista

Award of Merit:  sponsored by Bath Fitter

Lisa Cirincione, The Carnegie and The Cathedral

Award of Merit:  Heather Davis, Old Bedford Village

Award of Merit:  Janice Heverly, Denver Airport

Award of Merit:  Thomas Norulak, Driftwood Beach 1

Best Student Submission:  sponsored by the Schlow Library Foundation

Morgan Weissbach, When Worlds Collide

Viewers’ Choice Award:  sponsored by Joyce Robinson & Norman Spivey

       Drew Spielvogel, Vapor

Thank you to all of our Images 2017 sponsors for their generous support!

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