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Welcoming Schreyer Honors College Students

Schreyer Honors College Students

Some of my new friends from Schreyer Honors College

I’m occasionally invited to things—luncheons, receptions, dinners, and so on—because I’m the “Arts Fest guy”. A guy needs to eat and I like rubber chicken as much as the next guy, so if my schedule allows, I typically say yes. The most recent invitation I received wasn’t for a chicken dinner, it was for breakfast…with incoming freshmen at Penn State.… Read the rest


Andy Cohen and Me

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen speaking at Penn State’s College of Communication’s web conference.

Last week at work, I received a call from an unknown number. Usually I wouldn’t answer an unknown caller, but something told me that I should because of the local area code. It turned out to be Bob Martin, the Assistant Dean of Internships and Career Placement for Penn State’s College of Communications, calling to offer me a special opportunity.… Read the rest


Meeting with the Penn State Performing Arts Council

Penn State Performing Arts CouncilI like to think that the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has a unique relationship with our co-host (and co-founder) Penn State. While other college host arts festivals—the University of Michigan comes famously to mind—our relationship goes beyond a mere host/guest relationship. Our bylaws state that half of the men and women who serve on the Board of Directors of the Festival are required to have a Penn State affiliation.… Read the rest


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