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Festival Shirts: The Inside Story

Artist Carrie Jacobson in her magic hat

I often say that the most difficult thing about producing the Central Pennsylvania of the Arts is paying for it. We’re a free party!

I think we provide more free entertainment than anyone in the Centre Region—we present four full days of free music on three outdoor stages, in addition to smaller acts along the Sidewalk Sale route.… Read the rest


Festival Posters Tell Stories Too

Lana Raup with some of her CPFA posters.

Our annual poster is a Festival tradition. Year in and year out since 1974, we’ve issued a poster to promote the Festival. In a feat that’s unique among art festivals, one designer, Lanny Sommese, has designed all of our posters. It’s a remarkable body of work, and it reflects only a small portion of Lanny’s career.… Read the rest


Linda and Blake Gall Endowment Challenge

Blake and Linda Gall with Luis Enrique Guiterrez, winner of the 2013 Arete Best in Show Award

Looking back on the thirty-plus years since she and her young family moved to State College from Manhattan, Linda Gall measures the passage of time alongside her Arts Festival experiences. Her girls were just toddlers when her neighbor Renee Marks invited her to first volunteer with the Festival.… Read the rest


Annual Meeting Brings New Directors


New board members Renata Engel, Jean Galliano, and Steve Sampsell

The Festival’s annual meeting takes place in October and it’s an occasion for both joy and sadness. There’s joy as we note our accomplishments for the year and welcome new board members. There’s sadness too, as we say goodbye to those board members whose terms are ending.… Read the rest


Everyone Knows It’s Windy

Mona Lisa Plugs Centre GivesEveryone knows it’s windy.

Go ahead, start humming the tune now. You’ll be doing it soon enough, you might as well get a head start.

In the spring of 2015, the staff at the Centre Foundation encouraged participants in Centre Gives, its online giving event, to create simple videos to publicize their efforts.… Read the rest


Online Giving Through Centre Gives

CentreGives_with_project_of_CF_lockup_2c_HEXIf you are connected to Centre County in some way, it is hard to miss the lead up to the online giving event Centre Gives each spring. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find postcards, emails, news stories, signs, and social media posts to tempt you to give.  So what’s all the buzz about?… Read the rest


C-NET Television Interviews Rick Bryant about the 2015 Festival

Rick Bryant C-NET interviewC-NET Television is Centre County’s government and education access television network. It’s available throughout Centre County on the Comcast and Windstream cable systems. (If you rely on rabbit ears, well, you’re out of luck.) The network’s programming features public meetings and concerts in addition to coverage of some high school sports and local festivals.… Read the rest


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