We look forward to welcoming everyone for the 52nd Festival of the Arts July 12-15, 2018. Children and Youth Day will be July 11. Save the date(s)!

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Children and Their Puppets

Children and Youth DayJust as we received the last of the children’s day applications in the mail, postmarked June 22, it got me thinking about Wednesday July 11. At first, Children’s Day was sort of an odd concept to me. I had so many questions. Do these kids actually sell their items? How much money could they possibly make?… Read the rest


Behind the Scenes

2012 Sidewalk Sale Logo

The sun beams through the windows of the office every afternoon and the smell of fresh copies fills the air when I walk in. Another afternoon at the office awaits me. At the Arts Festival office many things happen in a day’s work.

Recently my work has been consisting of preparing packets with information as well as getting volunteer buttons ready.… Read the rest


Only in our Office

On Thursday, a photographer from The Centre Daily Times came into the office to take a few pictures of our Executive Director, Rick, for a feature they are doing about him. Carol, our Director of Operations, and I were sitting at the conference table eating lunch at the time. The photographer, Abby, thought it would be a great pose if Rick were to sit at the table with our 2012 poster.… Read the rest


Banner Competition


Tomorrow will be the last day for banner entries for the 2012 Arts Festival. When I first heard about this competition, I thought how incredibly difficult it must be to make a banner using the different materials stated. So far I’ve seen five different banners and wow I’m glad I don’t have to judge them!… Read the rest


It Doesn’t Just Happen

If anyone asked me the theme of the office at the Arts Festival, I’d say, without missing a beat, “It doesn’t just happen.”

The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts doesn’t just happen.

Everyday there is something new to do. Something else to add to the to do list.

For example, on Monday, Eric Hamilton, a Penn State film student, came in for a meeting to discuss his role during the Festival.… Read the rest


Smile For The Camera

Photo shoots are always so awkwardly exciting. People doing and standing in strange places trying to smile naturally on cue. Wednesday, I watched State College Mayor Elizabeth Gorehman and Penn State President Rodney Erickson do just that. Each year the festival photographs the mayor and Penn State’s president in a setting meant to highlight a featured performance.… Read the rest


On The Other Side

On Tuesday I went with Rick to the Eisenhower Auditorium for a meeting with the staff of the Center for the Performing Arts. The Center is our host for our great performances in Schwab Auditorium during the Festival. The people there were great!

They knew exactly what they were doing and the meeting was fun and everyone was so easy to talk to.… Read the rest


The New Intern: Lauren

Lauren HendersonHello!

My name is Lauren Henderson. I am the new arts-festival intern for summer 2012! I am really looking forward to this opportunity to help plan an event on such a high scale.

I recently graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in May of 2012. I earned a degree in sports journalism, along with a minor in recreation, park and tourism management.… Read the rest


Jurying…The First Step Towards Arts Festival 2011!

Jurying is one of the first major milestones on the road to each Arts Festival – and our five jurors had their hands full this year with over 1,100 applications (for about 300 or so Sidewalk Sale spaces).  For those of you who may think of Arts Festival as a local or regional art show, think again.… Read the rest


Sunday Festival Wrap-Up

CPFA Staff, Volunteers & BoardIt’s hard to believe that the 2010 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts has come to a close.

We’ve had so much fun – and we hope you have, too!

Sunday brought these fine Festival memories:

Summit City Saints captivated the hearts of young and old Festival-goers. People broke out into spontaneous swing dance – which brought smiles to the entire audience.… Read the rest


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