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Penn State’s State Day of Service

Kappa Alpha Theta Sisters State Day of Service 2015Saturday, February 28 was an interesting day in downtown State College. It was plenty cold—as in below ten degrees when I rolled out of bed at 7:00 a.m. People were thinking spring; it’s been a long winter in Happy Valley. While there was one more week of Penn State’s semester before kids head off to Spring Break, the sap has already started to run.… Read the rest


End of the Festival/Hold-It

End of the 2013 Arts FestivalArts Festival 2013 has drawn to a close, and the volunteers and staff who make it happen are filled with a mixture of sorrow and relief.

As relieved and tired as our volunteers may be, the Arts Festival office hasn’t quite calmed down yet. There is still clean up to be done, boxes to be mailed, and so many trips to Hold-It to make.… Read the rest


New Copier

New Festival CopierAn ode to Nittany Office and its staff for quickly providing a loaner copier when the Arts Festival’s machine went on the fritz.

One day in the Festival office
The copier was causing great losses

It was constantly jamming
We were heartily “god damn!”ing

We needed our copies to always be flawless

So Rick and Trey went off on a journey
Away from the office they scurried

Nittany Office and staff
Cut our worries in half

And gave us a loaner copier in a hurry

Now our copies are really top notch
And come out with not even a blotch

Thanks to Linc, Tom, and Paul
Who gave it their all

Their customer service is something to watch

Thank you so much Nittany Office Equipment!… Read the rest



ImageThe annual Banner contest is a very exciting Arts Festival tradition, and it just so happens to be the inspiration for the name of our blog!

Yesterday I was privy to the very secretive, formal, ritualistic banner judgement process. (If you can’t tell that the previous sentence is dripping with sarcasm, now would be a good time to inform you that next to nothing about the Arts Festival/Festival prep is formal, secretive, or ritualistic.)

Anyways, the judges were ranking the banners based on:

  • durability
  • creativity
  • originality
  • craftsmanship
  • will the banner look good from the street?
Read the rest


ImageWhile being a Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Intern is a mostly wonderful experience, it does have its moments of tedium. For me, these moments lie in paperwork. Not paperwork meaning filling out forms or documents, rather literally organizing papers.

Each invited Artist for the sidewalk sale gets a packet containing many different papers, invitations, information, etc, and the task of organizing these different papers into cohesive packets falls to the festival intern.… Read the rest


Town and Gown

ImageA couple of weeks ago I was privy to a Town and Gown photo shoot with the mayor. The photo we were taking was to be of Mayor Elizabeth Goreham holding back one side of a curtain, which was going to be photoshopped into a larger photo with PSU President Rodney Erickson pulling back the other side of the curtain to reveal a lovely picture of the Arts Festival.… Read the rest


The Cleanup

It is always much more fun to prepare for a party than it is to clean up afterward. But when it was 5 p.m. Sunday with intense storming clouds rolling into State College, it was time for everyone to go home. Except for our staff we still had plenty to do.… Read the rest



Have you ever made a book? Physically made the binding for a book? At a workshop at the Festival this year many people had the chance to do just that. Martha Carothers, a professor of Art at the University of Delaware; led four workshops in book construction. They took place Friday and Saturday at 1 p.m.… Read the rest


Small Town Charm

Physical Arrangements 2Just a few days ago I was talking to Rick and Carol about some differences I’ve noticed between living in Philadelphia and State College. Many of these are just like calling dinner, supper to actually being able to buy one pen in Nittany Office Equipment. They literally have tons of pens that you can buy individually.… Read the rest


Funding for Arts Festival

Diane BloomHow do they do it all?  With so many booths as well as performances, Children & Youth Day, Italian Street Painting Festival, educational opportunities and more, it’s a wonder how the Arts Festival staff gets it all done.  The woman behind the fundraising component is Diane Bloom, and she certainly has her hands full. … Read the rest


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