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Festival Posters Tell Stories Too

Lana Raup with some of her CPFA posters.

Our annual poster is a Festival tradition. Year in and year out since 1974, we’ve issued a poster to promote the Festival. In a feat that’s unique among art festivals, one designer, Lanny Sommese, has designed all of our posters. It’s a remarkable body of work, and it reflects only a small portion of Lanny’s career.… Read the rest


Remembering Dick Baney

Shirley and Dick BaneyNo matter how you slice it, the Arts Festival is a family event. We aren’t the venue for outlandish performance art or music that would make Tipper Gore raise an eyebrow. Our audience members often make a tradition of attending, if not with their biological family, then with close friends from their Penn State days, co-workers, church folks, or neighbors.… Read the rest


23 Years of Festival Memories

When the Arts Festival staff first met Lisa Watkins from Erie, PA, we knew that we had to share her story.

Lisa’s story is like many other festival-goers’ stories, really. And that’s what makes it all so very special to us.

2010 will be Lisa’s 23rd visit to Arts Festival (or the Penn State Arts Show as she calls it) and she remember each like it was yesterday.… Read the rest


Arts Festival: Bringing Us Back to Our Community

This much we know is true: Each summer, Arts Festival brings thousands of people from all over the country to celebrate art, music, books, and performances.

But what is a little less tangible than the fine art and fine crafts we see or the music we hear or the performances we watch, is the sense of community that Arts Festival embodies.… Read the rest


Your Favorite Children & Youth Day Memories

In thinking about Arts Fest Children & Youth Day – which is only 42 days away – I started reminiscing about my own Children & Youth Day memories.

Summer in State College is always glorious but it’s even more so when you are a kid. A kid at Arts Fest.

I don’t know about you but I would save my allowance for weeks before the Festival so I could do it up right on that ever-important first day.… Read the rest


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