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52nd Annual Banner Exhibition and Competition

Annual Arts Festival Banner Exhibition and Competition

The Banner Exhibition and Competition is one of the signature events of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. The Festival is proud to display past and present banners annually. Our banners hang over the Festival route, adding color and movement to the festive atmosphere. Both individuals and groups may submit entries. Prizes are awarded for the best banners in three categories: Professional, General and Youth.

The Application Deadline is June 22, 2018.

The Banner Exhibition is sponsored by FirstEnergy Foundation.

We are currently seeking a sponsor for the 2018 Banner Competition Awards.

Key Information


The chair of the 2018 Banner Competition is Lisa Zander-Campbell.  Zander-Campbell has been sewing all her life, having been taught the craft by her mother. She sells her own recycled glass and found object sculptures at arts festivals regionally.


Banners entered in the competition must be delivered to the office of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts by 5:00 p.m., June 22, 2018. Banner Competition winners will be announced Saturday, July 14, 2018 at the Sidewalk Sale Awards Ceremony, at 9:00 a.m. on the Allen Street Stage.


Banners will be accepted at the office of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, 403 South Allen Street, Suite 205A, until 5:00 p.m., June 22, 2018. Banners may be shipped or delivered by hand. Banners received after the deadline will not be considered. Submitted banners become the property of the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. Banners will be hung above the 2018 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, at subsequent festivals, and in public buildings in the State College area.


The 2018 Banner Competition jurors will be announced at a later date.


Banner entries are divided into three categories so that entrants are competing with their peers:

  • Professional: Individuals or groups who work as fiber artists
  • General: Individuals or groups who are not working in the field of fiber arts
  • Youth: All individuals and groups under 18 years of age


  • First Prize – $200
  • Second Prize – $125
  • Honorable Mention – $50


  • First Prize – $100
  • Second Prize $75
  • Honorable Mention $50

Design and Construction Criteria

Click on the + below for detailed banner specifications.

When designing your banner, please remember that it will hang between 15 and 20 feet over the street. The design must be visible from both sides of the banner (identical or different). All components of the banner design and construction must be securely attached, or the banner will not be displayed. Banners with religious, partisan, or commercial messages will not be accepted. Banners commemorating community organizations are permitted.

The banner must measure 72” long and 30” wide. It must be able to be rolled up for storage purposes. Its weight may not exceed 15 pounds.

The banner must be constructed of heavy weight, colorfast, weather-resistant material. The following suggestions regarding materials will be helpful.

  • Fabric Materials: Sail cloth, duck, drill, canvas, heavy twill, cotton
  • Fabric Properties: Durable, strong, color-fast, weather-resistant materials
  • General Materials Needed: Approximately 4-5 yards fabric, thread, dowels
  • Materials to Avoid: Burlap or felt, various types of net fabric, loosely woven fabric such as casement goods, see-through plastics, water soluble glues, or fragile adornments. Please do not use glitter.

The banner must be hung from a 36” poplar dowel, either 5/8 or 3/4” in diameter. A standard 36” poplar dowel, available at building supply stores is perfect for this. Please do not use an oak dowel or a metal rod since it is difficult to secure the banner to those materials. The dowel will extend 3” on each side of the banner. The banner must be weighted at the bottom. The weight must be completely enclosed and should be heavier than the top dowel. We recommend a heavy metal chain which can be sewn into place at several locations. Please be sure the ends are also tacked in place. The weight on the bottom keeps the banner hanging vertically even in windy conditions.

Lettering or printing on the banner should be easy to read, clear, simple and direct.

Please include the following information on your banner:

  • Title
  • Artist’s name or group
  • The year the banner was made

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