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Andy Cohen and Me

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen speaking at Penn State’s College of Communication’s web conference.

Last week at work, I received a call from an unknown number. Usually I wouldn’t answer an unknown caller, but something told me that I should because of the local area code. It turned out to be Bob Martin, the Assistant Dean of Internships and Career Placement for Penn State’s College of Communications, calling to offer me a special opportunity. He told me that Andy Cohen, of the Bravo talk show Watch What Happens Live, was visiting Penn State for a web conference and would be hosting a “meet and greet” afterward. The people running the event invited the Dean to bring along one outstanding student along with him, and he chose me as his lucky “plus one.”

The event was scheduled for a Tuesday at a time that I am normally at work. Luckily I have a very understanding boss who was willing to let me attend, as long as I blogged about it.

Being the dreamer that I am, I imagined a whole scenario where Andy Cohen and I hit it off at the meet and greet, and he offered me an internship on the spot for next summer. He is also a New York native, and even has a vacation home in a town near where I grew up, so in an effort to charm my way into my dream job, I planned how I could casually bring up my hometown. I may have even slipped an extra copy of my resume into my purse before heading over on the big day. You can never be too prepared, right?

The weather on the day of the meet and greet was absolutely terrible, and my dreams of looking put together were flushed down the toilet. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only dream of mine to not come true on that rainy Tuesday.

After navigating my way to the Penn Stater Hotel through a borderline monsoon, I managed to run into the hotel without being blown away. I found the conference room where I was to meet my advisor, but to my dismay, it was empty.

A woman sitting on a nearby bench saw me looking into the room and asked if I was there to meet Andy Cohen. I said yes, hoping she was about to tell me that they switched the meeting spot to another room. Instead she told me that he had already left. Apparently, he was filming his show live in New York that night, and had to leave earlier than planned because of the severe weather.

I was very disappointed, mainly because my fantasy of becoming pals with Andy Cohen and working at Bravo was now totally impossible. After accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to meet him, I trekked back to my apartment and ate away my sorrows in brownies. Although it was a bust, I will never forget the day that I almost met Andy Cohen.

Sarah Dickinson is the Festival Intern for 2015. She is a rising junior at Penn State, seeking a degree in Advertising/Public Relations from the College of Communications. She is a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, the Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity, and the Public Relations Student Society of America.

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