We look forward to welcoming everyone for the 52nd Festival of the Arts July 12-15, 2018. Children and Youth Day will be July 11. Save the date(s)!

An Interview with Jennifer Float

2013 Festival T-shirtJennifer Float is the designer of our fabulous Owl t-shirt (available at arts-festival.com) as well as one of our 2013 Sidewalk Sale Artists.

Her adorable t-shirt design has been pretty popular on our online store, which lead me to ask her about her inspiration for the sassy little owl. She gave me some fascinating background about how she began using owls in her artwork.

I have been creating Owls in my art for a couple years. The first one turned out to be a bit of a self portrait when I put glasses on it (I generally take out my contacts and wear glasses if I am painting all day). Each owl ends up with their own personality that grows organically. I can not reproduce the exact same thing, even if they are similar, there might be a certain tilt to the head or beak or body… and the eyes always come out differently.

Jennifer was excited to create an owl infused with Arts Festival personality:

When they asked me to design the T Shirt again this year I thought a bright, Funky, Whimsical Owl could really capture the spirit of a such a Fun Festival and I just started putting bright color on canvas, then waited to see what happened next, which were Bigger flower shaped eyes and a brighter body.

I asked Jennifer what her funniest Festival memory was, and she replied

The funniest thing that happened to me there was tearing down the last day in the Rain!  My mom had come to the show to help me through the weekend and we worked as fast as we could and I literally RAN across the campus to where my truck was parked. By the time I got back it had started to really come down and my poor mom was standing under a big umbrella with as much artwork around her as she could protect. I just started laughing, she looked so sad in the rain and we were both soaked by the time we got everything packed up. So after that, we treated ourselves to Margaritas and hot showers.

This is an excellent reminder that the Festival is a rain or shine event. The Festival is still fun in the rain, just make sure you have some cocktails and hot water on hand for post-rain recovery!

Jennifer was very kind about our Arts Festival, commenting that “everyone is so friendly and fun!” and “there is definitely something special about State College.

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s booth at the 2013 Sidewalk Sale as well as her owl t-shirt available on our online store.

Only five days til the Festival!

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