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Images 2013

kassovicImages 2013 is a visual cacophony of mind-boggling mixed media works, stunning sculpture, and breathtaking paintings, drawings, and photography. You can still catch a glimpse in the Robeson Gallery of the HUB/Robeson Center.

The photography in particular stuck out to me. In a day and age where social media rules and everyone and their uncle has an 8-megapixel camera phone in their pocket, photography has become commonplace. Just this morning on my Instagram feed, I saw photos of breakfast, rainbows, and countless cats. It takes some real creativity and talent for a photo to capture my interest. Even more impressive, the photographers I was captivated by completely impressed me by creating imaginative, artistic work without the use of photoshop. The magic in these photos comes entirely from patience and skill.

I fortunately got the chance to speak with two of the extremely talented photographers featured in this year’s Images show: Julius Kassovic and Martin Heavner.

Kassovic shocked me when he told me his photos were virtually untouched by photoshop. One in particular, Vestment, featured a beautiful tree that looked like it had a photo of fall foliage layered over it and seemed to defy reality.

Kassovic explained to me that he has found his photographic inspiration in a little creek near his house. The photograph that seemed to be two images layered over one another was actually a very carefully composed picture of the tree’s reflection in the creek, with its fallen leaves floating just below the water’s surface. He went on to explain that when he takes creek photographs, he gets extraordinarily close to the water.

“I’m after something you can’t see if you’re twelve feet above the creek”, said Kassovic. “I can’t look for anything specific.” Kassovic waits in the creek with his camera for sometimes hours on end until something; a reflection, a movement in the water, a discarded bottle of Ciroc, catches his fancy.

“I have this relationship with the creek,” Kassovic explained. “Some people go all around the world to take their picutres, I go down to my creek.” Kassovic’s work can be found at www.photojulius.com.

While Kassovic caught my eye with his almost surreally beautiful photos of nature, Martin Heavner drew me in with the palpable sense of nostalgia his photographs carry. Heavner is an extremely distinguished photographer, having appeared in many exhibitions and won many awards, including an Award of Merit at our very own Images 2013 for his photo Carnival Memories, Frederick County, Maryland.


Martin said out of the many shows he had participated in, Images 2013 was a   definite highlight. He went on to explain that the interesting effect on his award winning photograph was entirely accidental. While he knew he would get the swirl of lights around the carnival ride from the long exposure on the photograph, he did not know that part of the swirl would disappear.

“To me the carnival is a disappearing thing,” said Heavner. “So, you get the feeling that this little carnival is going to vanish.” Heavner’s work can be found at www.heavnerphoto.com.

I cannot encourage you enough to check out the astounding work by these delightful artists. Go to the Robeson center and check out Images 2013 before IT vanishes!

Be sure to keep checking the blog, I will be updating often 🙂

– Louise Page, Festival Intern

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