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Images 2012: The Robeson Gallery

Have you ever stepped foot in an art gallery? Because I haven’t. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all right? On Wednesday for the very first time I went to the Robeson Gallery on Penn State’s campus. Rick and I were there to meet our juror for the Images 2012 exhibit, Barbara McNulty. I had the image of what the gallery would look from Charlotte who worked in one on Sex and the City. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience. I was so out of my element, but I loved it. Seeing all this beautiful artwork and looking at the names of the people that created it was so inspiring. One artist was even from my hometown, Bryn Mawr, PA.

It was so wonderful to watch Barbara walk around and choose the winners for the seven different awards possible for this exhibit. She has such an impressive knowledge for art. She traveled from Lebanon Valley College, which is known for their music program, to choose the winners Wednesday morning and she did not take this job lightly. Walking around the Robeson Gallery and looking at all of the art was just so fascinating to me. I thought it would be strange to me since I’ve never been to an art gallery. But I really felt at home. Seeing everything come together and all the artwork displayed and hung was just another facet of event planning and seeing the final product.

For the past two weeks I have worked on the Images 2012 catalog. Making sure every artists name and piece was spelled properly, the price was correct and each artist had a chance to shine. As I walked around I almost felt like I knew these people. I had seen their names and piece titles more times than I could count. And then to finally see the work was really something special.

Each piece is something very different and made which such dedication and determination. I hope you all have a chance to travel to State College and see the exhibit which will be displayed until Sunday July 15.

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