We look forward to welcoming everyone for the 52nd Festival of the Arts July 12-15, 2018. Children and Youth Day will be July 11. Save the date(s)!

Festival Banner Confidential

It’s confession time.

As the Festival blogger, I have to cover a lot of ground each day. I try to make it to as many performances as possible, see every booth, check the progress of Italian Street Painting and the sand sculpture, and capture the every day beauty of the Festival. I won’t count, for now, basic human needs like Sno-cones, lemonade and Creamery ice cream.

It’s a lot for one girl to take.

As you can imagine, I don’t get to see entire performances very often. I swing by the Festival Shell, scoot by Allen Street then pop over to the Park in a pretty regular loop.

It’s how I get to everything in order to report back.

Frank VignolaWell, I’ve been stopped in my tracks tonight by The Frank Vignola Trio at Schwab Auditorium.

They are brilliant – brilliantly talented, brilliantly clever, brilliantly charming, and brilliantly well-rounded in their music tastes.

I can’t break away to move on to the next performance even though their current intermission affords me the perfect opportunity to slip out.

I can’t.

So, faithful readers. You not only know the secret of how I cover so much ground but you now know of my newest infatuation: The Frank Vignola Trio.

Oops, the flicker of the lights means they are coming back.

Sorry, must put down the iPhone and be swept away….

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