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Arts Festival Award Winners Announced

Arts Festival employees, volunteers, artists and supporters gathered under brilliant sunshine (and the bluest of blue skies) for the announcement of the winners of the 2011 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts Sidewalk Sale and Exhibition awards.

Linda Gall, who with husband Blake Gall, sponsors the Arete Best of Show award, presented the award to ceramicist Luis Enrique Gutierrez, from Zebulon, NC. The Best of Show award comes with a $2,500 cash prize. Visitors can see this year’s winning works on Fraser Street (Booth R-42).

Glass artist Michael Mikula (O-43) won this year’s Fine Arts award. Frost & Conn Incorporated Booth of Distinction went to Thomas Dumke (P-14)

Special guest Jeanne Gleason, vice chair for the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts, assisted in the presentation of the awards of Excellence and Distinction to the following artists (booth numbers in parentheses):

John C. Mason Award of Excellence in Jewelry Design: Aileen Lampman (A-41)

The Lautsch Family Award of Excellence: Karyn Debrasky (A-31)

Award of Excellence: David Greenbaum (P-11/12)

Award of Excellence: Aaron Hequembourg (A-39)

Award of Excellence: Jana Scott (A-26)

Award of Distinction: Jack Hill (B-01)

Award of Distinction: Sandi Garris (A-46)

Award of Distinction: Barbara Bayne (A-16)

Award of Distinction: Melissa Mastrangelo (R-41)

Awards of Merit were awarded to the following artists:

John & Sharon McCarthy Award of Merit: Susan Levi-Goerlich (B-07)

McLanahan’s Penn State Room Award of Merit: Don McWhorter (M-27)

Robert & Virginia Mountz Award of Merit: Mary Jackson (A-28)

White, Roan & Associates Award of Merit: Wayne Werner (A-11)

Brown & Associates Award of Merit: Sylvia Lehman (B-28)

Connections Clothing Award of Merit: Peter Saenger (B-12)

Anne Layng Award of Merit: Sangjoon Park (O-02)

Barash Media Award of Merit: Mariko Swisher (P-08)

Kissinger, Bigatel, & Brower Award of Merit: Kim Young (O-36)

Award of Merit: Susan Griggs Allen (O-23)

Award of Merit: Janet Chico (M-39)

Award of Merit: Ummarid Eitharong (R-20)

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

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