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East Highlands: Not Just about Trash Duty

East Highlands Neighborhood Trash CrewWhat started as a group of volunteers helping out with trash duty has grown to be so much more.

Festival regulars have  no doubt seen the East Highlands Trash Crew working the streets of State College on the Thursday of the Arts Festival – from 3:00 to -9:00 pm. They are a spirited bunch – an “ad hoc neighborhood group,” says member (and Arts Festival Board Vice President) Bill Ryan.”

Formed in 2002, members are residents of the fraternity district east of Garner Avenue in downtown State College.

After a few years, this fun group started pitching in to sponsor the Arts Festival because of the good times they all had working on the Trash Crew. Now the Arts Festival counts the East Highlands Trash Crew as a Platinum Sponsor — and vital to the success of the event each year.

Though membership varies each year — the current “leader” is Mark Bergstrom — Bill Ryan says, “once in the Trash Crew, you’re never out.” Original members who have moved out of the area come back each year (they are considered alumni!) because they need an excuse to get together each summer. Often East Highlands-ers can be spotted wearing their distinctive Balmoral caps.

And like any good work group, members get together at Zeno’s after their shift to review their work — and celebrate their success and involvement.

Cheers to that!

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