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The Proud, The Few…The Trash Crew!

The Trash Crew!

Boy Scout Troop 83 volunteer at 2007 Arts Festival

Each July, tens of thousands of visitors come to State College to enjoy Arts Fest. All those people produce a lot of trash!

Who is responsible for making sure that the streets of downtown State College and the Penn State campus stay clean?

The crew is responsible for of maintaining cleanliness of the Festival zone as well as emptying the trash and recycling receptacles.

It may not seem like the most glamorous assignment but Trash Crew members are among the most visible and enthusiastic of all Festival volunteers.  Also, this is a great opportunity for groups looking to help since it is a great team building activity – and tons of fun to boot! Plus, you get a t-shirt! How great is that?

Individuals and groups of all ages are encouraged to participate – though some lifting and walking is required. Contact us to volunteer.

One thought on “The Proud, The Few…The Trash Crew!

  1. Trash Crew is a great way to meet interesting people and serve the community. Everyone loves the Trash Crew! Plus the T-shirts are a badge of honor you can wear year round.

    Start a crew with your friends and make up a costume to go with the shirts. The East Highlands neighborhood crew has very stylish Scottish Balmoral caps. But where are their kilts?

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