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Creating Art…Grain by Grain

Turning 25 tons of sand into art

The creative mind of Brad Goll at work

Festival goers can watch something incredible emerge over several from a 25 ton pile of sand in Sidney Friedman Park.

Sand sculptor Brad Goll has been “carving” sand since 1985, and through the years has grown accomplished at creating realistic and fantastic figures. In fact, with a record nine titles in the World Sand Sculpting Championships under his belt, Brad is the Michael Jordan of sand sculpting.

Brad was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was reared in several parts of the country, thus preparing him for the nomadic life style of professional sand sculpture.

Brad got involved in sand sculpture through sand sculpting competitions at the beach. After winning numerous contests, it was inevitable that he would become an integral part of early professional sand sculpture. After several years of work experience, Brad along with his two partners formed Sandscapes in 1992. It wasn’t long until Sandscapes had risen to the top of the sand sculpting world.

Even though Brad is busy full time doing professional sand sculpture at fairs, festivals and shopping centers he hasn’t forgotten his beginnings at the beach. Every year along with his partners he competes at the World Sand Sculpting Championship at Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada.

Special thanks to Galen E. Dreibelbis for sponsoring this exhibit.

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